Our People

Christie Naumovski

Investment Manager | EGX

BAccFin, CA

As part of the driving engine behind EGX, Christie’s role includes sourcing new investment prospects, managing deal flow and conducting in-depth, financial, technical and strategic analysis. Bringing nearly a decade of experience to her role at EGX, notably from her time at CBA and PwC, Christie has worked across a number of industries, helping to innovate, optimise and scale businesses.

Christie worked in technology strategy at CBA, driving transformative change for CBA through the adoption of emerging technology and business improvements.

Her time at PwC was spent in corporate finance and strategic advisory, specifically, conducting business valuations, transactions and developing strategic business plans identifying the value proposition and potential opportunities to drive growth.

Passionate about unpacking problems to find innovative solutions, Christie also provides vital support to our portfolio companies acting as a strategic advisor. Christie is determined to create value for both EG and the companies EGX invests in.