Consistently outperforming market returns

EG is a disciplined, data-driven investment manager and real estate developer with over $5.1 billion in assets under management. Our focus is on technology enhanced investing that improves the world we share.

Investment philosophy

Responsible Investing

We consider all factors which may impact stakeholders, the community and the environment within which we operate.

B.I.G Impact

Build in Good (B.I.G.) Thinking is our proven path to outstanding returns and lasting positive impact.


We invest heavily in property technology to ensure we are unlocking every opportunity for our investors.

Investment Process

Macro View

As big picture thinkers, EG constantly seeks to better understand the market and predict where it will go – integrating a macro view into all fund and asset strategies.

Deal Flow

EG has a unique level of access to off-market and pre-market deal flow. We take a systematic approach to finding, interrogating and realising deals.

Risk Assessment

Identifying and managing risk is a priority at EG. We provide superior metrics and guidance via our proprietary risk model assessment PRISMS® – free of confirmation bias.

Active Management

EG is actively involved in identifying, acquiring and improving low performing assets. Asset management stays in house so we remain involved and accountable.


Our current real estate funds and mandates.