Ensuring an equitable future

EG understand the importance of incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria throughout the investment management process and returning value to all stakeholders.

We understand the Brundtland definition of sustainability and seek to incorporate it into our approach, prioritising a positive impact for intergenerational equity and future generations.

Our ESG strategy

EG’s ESG strategy focuses on the following commitments:

Culture and

To develop a team of well-balanced employees who
are healthy, engaged and always learning.

Responsible investment

To be known as a highly trustworthy and responsible investment manager through best practice ESG management and transparency of performance.

Community enrichment

To create urban regeneration projects that enhance existing communities and provide significantly more connected, engaged and well-resourced neighbourhoods.

Environmental optimisation

To optimise the environmental performance of our assets
under management and development.

Real Zero carbon

EG is proud to be targeting Real Zero carbon by 2030.

Real Zero carbon is different from ‘net zero’ as it doesn’t use carbon offsets or bulk Renewable Energy Certificate purchases to ‘net off’ total emissions at zero.

Rather, it uses sophisticated, real-time carbon monitoring to reduce emissions via demand management, load shifting and 24/7 renewable energy purchases, in addition to energy efficiency, electrification and on-site solar.

Read our white paper to learn more about this sophisticated approach.

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Real estate that reduces loneliness

EG founded the Little BIG Foundation, a not-for-profit that aims to advance mental health, prevent and relieve social isolation and help people live happier, healthier and kinder lives.

This is done through fostering a deep and personal connection between spaces and the people who live or work in them. Operating in residential communities, office buildings and industrial states across Australia, the Little BIG Foundation provides a suite of events, activations, place-making and volunteer opportunities that bring people together and reduce loneliness.

The Little BIG Foundation program is the real estate sector’s only measurable, quantifiable, and nationally benchmarked program to reduce loneliness.

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EG uses multiple benchmarks to assess our ESG performance, constantly seeking improvement relative to our peers. Additionally, EG produces an annual ESG Report, highlighting progress and case studies over the course of the previous calendar year.