Little Moments
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The Little BIG Foundation was established to tackle loneliness in Australia by developing places, programs and events for social connection. The Foundation want all Australians to live happier, healthier and kinder lives through feeling connected to their community and neighbours.


We strive to create better connected, more resilient communities that engage in life’s little joys, seek out fun and create happiness for themselves and people around them.


We are increasing endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and knowledge about how to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. It’s important to put in the work in to maintain both mental and physical health – because we know they are intrinsically linked.


We believe that when people regularly practice kindness, they become addicted to the ‘feel-good’ emotions, which ripples into the rest of the world. Through kindness we hope to creates an environment of tolerance, respect and empathy that helps all people to belong.


The Little BIG House is a neighbourhood hub and volunteer support program located within residential communities. Since opening the flagship location in Summer Hill in 2021, the Little BIG House team of volunteers have designed events and programs that bring the community together, reducing loneliness by 7%. These have ranged from big events like weekly farmer’s markets and a community-wide charity Christmas Tree Sale to niche interest groups for board gamers, stock investors, families, wellness workshops and creative activities.

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The Good Work program addresses loneliness by engaging with tenants in commercial buildings by executing meaningful events that drive connections between people across the building.

Loneliness in the workplace can be a significant problem with various implications for both employees and employers. From reduced productivity, resistance to change, impact on collaboration and potential negative outcomes on a company or building culture, reducing loneliness is not just a problem for governments or the social sector to address.

The Good Work program is aimed at understanding each community and designing events that best drive engagement.

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