Private Debt

Secure and consistent returns

EG offers private debt opportunities for credit products secured by real estate across the eastern seaboard of Australia. PRISMS will assist to assess risks and credit quality to safeguard investor funds, with products structured to generate outstanding and consistent returns for our debt investors.

A data-informed approach

EG is committed to utilising property technology to ensure investments are secure and returns are enhanced for investors. EG’s PRISMS will assist to identify and measure real estate risks to provide a disciplined data-led approach to decision-making.

Reliable returns

We’re constantly working to explore new opportunities within a variety of market conditions. The team integrates a data-driven approach to individual strategies and ensures the team consistently performs for our investors.

Personalised service

The team you meet at the outset is the team you will work with throughout the lifecycle of your investment, providing our investors with hands-on, personalised service at every stage.

Investment Process

Debt investment

EG offers debt investment opportunities for quality residential real estate and industrial sites across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Credit products

Msquared Capital’s network of brokers and borrowers will generate a pipeline of credit opportunities.

Risk management

EG’s PRISMS will assist to identify and manage risks to safeguard investor funds.

Consistent returns

Credit products will be structured to generate consistent returns for our investors.

Private Debt Case Studies


EG’s PRISMS is a data-driven investment platform developed for identifying, pricing and managing commercial real estate risk and credit quality.

PRISMS applies a highly quantitative approach to the assessment to ensure that all prospective loans for borrowers are considered in a systematic manner. The evaluation of the real estate safeguards investor funds whilst maximising returns.

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