EG Delta Fund

EG Delta's investment thesis is that improving ESG underperforming assets in the built environment may produce a higher environmental and social impact. This can be demonstrated with a thorough "outcomes-based" measuring methodology.

The unlisted EG Delta Fund seeks to be a pioneer in bringing about significant transformation to current investment-grade Australian office and industrial assets. The method aims to reposition assets in desirable locations from subpar to market-leading ESG outcomes at a reasonable cost.

The Fund uses the "Delta Framework," a unique impact measurement tool that is associated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to provide a thorough and quantifiable score for bettering social and environmental results over time.

The Delta Framework quantifies environmental and social performance, ensuring the metrics can be applied to ensure growth and progress. The Delta Framework is a bespoke collection of indicators compiled collaboratively with investors, with 16 weighted criteria assessed annually to transparently measure performance.

Each assessed criteria as asset specific metrics which guide EG’s approach to the asset’s management, ensuring each criteria is prioritised, measured, and improved.

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Climate Change

Climate Change

Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Tenant Renewable Energy
Real Zero

Land and Water

Land and Water

Waste Efficiency
Water Efficiency
Protecting Land
Protecting Water


Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Tenant Satisfaction
Supporting Physical Health
Supporting Mental Health
Indoor Environmental Quality

Empowerment and Inclusiveness

Empowerment and Inclusiveness

Supporting Communities
Promoting Diversity
Promoting Inclusion

Asset selection is supported by the use of EG’s proprietary real estate risk management software, PRISMS®. This property technology software is designed to substantially improve investment risk identification, evaluation and pricing.

EG Delta was launched in 2022 after expanding the ESG objectives of the previous High Income Sustainable Office Trust.

Fund Features

  • Launch Date

    April 2022

  • Fund Status


  • Assets to date


  • Fund Size

    $126 million

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