The Delta Framework


Each Delta Fund asset is targeting Real Zero carbon, moving beyond “net-zero” carbon targets. Our strategy involves adopting a sophisticated approach to carbon and energy monitoring. Through comprehensive data analysis, EG will actively pursue 24/7 carbon free energy by identifying and implementing bespoke carbon abatement solutions. We will work with delivery partners to reduce our embodied carbon footprint to advance towards Real Zero.

24/7 Carbon Free Energy

EG seeks to match renewable energy supply to demand at one-hour (or shorter) intervals. This approach was developed by the EnergyTag Initiative, and pioneered by Google and Microsoft. The strategy ensures EG can manage building energy demand to best match clean and cheap renewable energy.

EG is also proud to be part of the United Nation’s 24/7 Go Carbon Free Coalition

Carbon Offsets

EG will not use any carbon offsets of credits to meet its Real Zero carbon goal.

EG will lean on a suite of alternative carbon abatement opportunities including energy efficiency, electrification, renewable energy generation and storage, load shifting and demand management to meet its Real Zero carbon target.

Each asset within the Delta Fund portfolio has a bespoke carbon reduction pathway articulating the degree to which these different strategies will be implemented to reach Real Zero.

Embodied Carbon

Given the Delta Fund’s thesis is to re-position aging assets to realise environmental and social performance, there are limited opportunities to address embodied carbon.

In instances where major refurbishments do occur, EG works with partners to reduce embodied carbon, prioritising low carbon materials and waste recovery and recycling during works.