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Own the future of Proptech with EGX

EG is advancing our built world and our business by bringing the brightest ideas in property technology to life. EGX is our proptech innovation incubator, nurturing big ideas and talented people to shake up the property landscape and get behind the next tiny giant.

EGX portfolio companies

EGX has committed to each of our start-ups with a process that can be summarised in four words: believe, back, build and beyond. Through this relationship, each of these tiny giants are breaking through the status quo and multiplying their impact.

  • FLNT

    A comprehensive data aggregator, FLNT is a marketplace for actionable commercial real estate intelligence. By intersecting data and workflow, the FLNT platform embeds collaborative practice into business where archaic portals have previously siloed valuable data sets.

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  • Willow

    Willow is a global technology company with a mission to connect the built world. The software platform, Willow Twin, and professional services, Willow Digital, accelerate digital adoption and unlock value by offering a single source of truth for asset information.

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  • Reveal

    Reveal helps clients to look deeper by building a digital twin that provides accurate mapping for sub-surface infrastructure. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Reveal’s software is enabling a future that is more accessible, more reliable and more connected for all.

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  • Avani

    Avani’s leading building technology automates environmental performance and reduces carbon emissions. They provide easy access to data from any building of any age in any jurisdiction today; and give real-time, accurate and portfolio wide reporting.

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Multiplying impact by investing in tiny giants

EG has long been a strong supporter of tech-enhanced investing, employing expansive thinking to identify value-creation opportunities. As disruptive thinkers, unafraid to predict and prepare for the future, we are leaping ahead to build the next dimension in tech solutions that will revolutionise our industry.

At EGX, we are crossing innovation with experience, addressing a gap in the collaboration between industry expertise and entrepreneurs. EGX is lifting the game by investing in the brightest minds and scaling seemingly impossible ideas into high performing businesses and returns for investors.

Investment process


We invest in the ‘ideas people’ lifting the property game.


We back the most promising proptech entrepreneurs of our time.


We find the ‘x-factor’ that scales start-ups to enterprise players.


From seed to sold and more: we’re committed from go to IPO.

About the leadership

EGX is championed by a group of recognised property experts with the brains and boldness to empower the next generation of leaders.

  • Michael Easson

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    As Chairman, Michael is propelling EG’s vision forward by supporting portfolio companies that align with EG’s values.

  • Adam Geha

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    CEO, Adam Geha, believes that the digital revolution is an obligation, not an option, for commercial real estate investments.

  • Christie Naumovski

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    Christie helps to source, optimise and scale new investments, acting as a strategic advisor for EGX.


Follow EG’s proptech success journey since establishment.


EG are early adopters of innovative property tech, creating proprietary software PRISMS® to manage risk.


EG purchases a share in Willow, a global tech co deploying Digital Twins for the built world.


In 2014, EG sets up a digital agency in Manila to support innovation initiatives.


EG continues to invest in innovation, relaunching PRISMS iQ.


In the midst of the global pandemic, EG backs Reveal, a New Zealand company developing a Digital Twins for the underground.


EGX is officially launched, formalising the venture investment strategy of EG.
FLNT becomes the latest portfolio company to be supported and backed by EGX.


EGX acquires Avani Solutions, a market-leading platform that connects to buildings access data, change behaviours to reduce emissions and track improvements.

Technology is not just the way of the future, it’s the way of the present
Adam Geha CEO
Founding Director