Yield Plus Infrastructure Fund No. 1

Yield Plus Infrastructure Fund No. 1 (YPI 1) is underpinned by a philosophy of 'following the infrastructure'. The strategy invests in yield-producing assets likely to benefit from urban renewal, new transport and community infrastructure, rezoning, repositioning and/or redevelopment potential with a geographical focus on Australian capital cities.

Asset selection is supported by the use of EG’s proprietary real estate risk management software, PRISMS®. This property technology software is designed to substantially improve investment risk identification, evaluation and pricing.

YPI 1 was launched in 2006, with an equity raise of circa AU $240 million. A total of 17 assets were acquired and were diversified by geography and sector.

Fund Features

  • Launch Date

    December 2006

  • Fund Status


  • Assets


  • Fund Term

    10 years

  • Fund Size

    $412 million

  • Strategy

    Value add

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