EG Leads Property Sector With First ‘Real Zero’ Carbon Pledge

EG has committed to ‘Real Zero’ carbon by 2030, taking a sophisticated, data-driven, approach to climate action.

In their Real Zero white paper, EG details the inaccuracies of today’s outdated carbon accounting practices and why accessing live carbon data from the energy grid is a more appropriate way of tracking and reducing emissions.

Considering the ever-changing carbon quantity of energy creates new opportunities for emissions reductions. This allows EG to advance beyond net zero, eschewing bulk purchasing of carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates, which can be used to ‘net off’ total emissions at zero.

Ian Lieblich, EG’s Head of ESG, said: “Climate change remains the defining challenge of our generation. This approach allows us to reach zero carbon without the integrity and additionality concerns posed by carbon offset use.”

EG’s ESG vision is for the commercial real estate sector to join us in adopting Real Zero commitments. Demand management, load shifting, and 24/7 renewable energy use are the new emissions reduction opportunities that will assist in decarbonising the Australian energy grid – a crucial component of Australia’s Paris target.

Jorge Chapa, Head of Market Transformation, Green Building Council of Australia, said: “EG’s sophisticated approach to tracking carbon in buildings unlocks new emissions reduction opportunities at the intersection of property, data, and carbon. This is a crucial step along the road to zero carbon cities, and we hope to see wider take up of this approach in the future.”

Adam Geha, EG’s CEO, commented: “Targeting Real Zero carbon is all about combining EG’s track record of technological innovation with our commitment to leave a positive legacy when it comes to the environment. Having said that, Real Zero carbon would not be possible without the amazing support we receive from the many forward-looking investors who have backed us.”

To learn more, please read EG’s Real Zero white paper.

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