Real Zero carbon by 2030

EG is excited to adopt a sophisticated, data-driven approach to decarbonisation and reach carbon zero.

Our approach collects live carbon data and creates new, cost-effective opportunities to reduce emissions. We take real assets to Real Zero by asking when they use energy, not just how much, and adopting a dynamic approach to procure renewable energy.

Measuring carbon

Tracking real time carbon of the energy used creates new opportunities for emissions reduction. EG is partnering with Avani Solutions, who will play an integral role in helping EG reach Real Zero targets by accurately tracking live carbon data to establish tailored strategies such as demand management, load shifting and 24/7 renewable energy use for decarbonisation.

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24/7 renewable energy

EG seeks to match energy supply to demand at one-hour, or shorter, intervals. This approach was developed by the EnergyTag Initiative, and pioneered by Google and Microsoft. The strategy ensures EG can manage building energy demand to best match clean and cheap renewable energy.

EG is also proud to be part of the United Nation’s 24/7 Go Carbon Free Coalition

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