In 2016, EG sponsored Adam Kellerman, a world-ranking wheelchair tennis player, on his journey to the Rio Olympics. Kellerman visited EG and shared his inspirational story. He writes for The Sports Source here.

Growing up in St. Ives on Sydney’s north, Adam Kellerman was a rowdy young boy with perfect health who loved tennis, swimming, running, skiing, ice hockey and soccer. After experiencing pain in his leg, it was discovered that he was affected by a form of bone cancer in his right hip called Ewings Sarcoma.

Adam went through a series of chemo-therapy treatments as well as major surgery. Following the major surgery, he contracted an infection which required a further19 unplanned surgeries as well as 2 years of IV antibiotics. He also battled a serious case of depression over the whole time period.

When Adam was introduced to wheelchair tennis in December 2006, he discovered a slice of happiness and found a space in which he could kickstart his life again. Adam competed in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio and his dream is to become World #1 for wheelchair tennis. Adam also delivers inspiring motivational talks on various topics derives from his life experience.

“I was a pretty sporty kid when I was younger,” Adam writes. “I played any sport under the sun. Loved soccer, loved ice hockey. When I was diagnosed I had no appreciation of how my life would change.”

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