EG’s Founding Directors have celebrated 20 years since EG was established, sharing their reflections on the journey through a series of video interviews.

Founded at the turn of the century, EG has grown rapidly, finding new ways to unlock value in the property industry by building in good for both communities and investors.

Guided by the vision of CEO, Adam Geha, Managing Director, Dr Shane Geha and Executive Chairman, Dr Michael Easson AM, EG has been investing heavily in property technology, connected communities and honing a high-growth culture. These success strategies have evolved at each stage of the journey but have consistently steered EG to meaningful work that creates long term value for all.

How Did EG Begin Its Journey?

CEO and Founding Director, Adam Geha remembers the origins of EG since the inception of its first fund.

The Most Surprising Thing About The Journey So Far

Managing and Founding Director, Dr Shane Geha ponders the value of the ‘unknowns’ that have arisen in EG’s growth story.

Learnings, Mistakes and Regrets

Dr Shane Geha reflects on the role that mistakes play in an organisations’ growth.

EG’s Exciting Future

Executive Chairman and Founding Director, Dr Michael Easson looks forward to the exciting future that lies ahead for EG.

The Importance of Relationships

Dr Shane Geha and Dr Michael Easson emphasise the importance of trust and collaboration in the relationship between business partners

The EG Legacy

Adam Geha reminisces on the legacy that EG is building for future generations.

Final Thoughts

Our Founding Directors conclude by sharing their gratitude and key learnings from the journey together that has spanned two decades.