Two EG team members, Chanel McArthur and Dan Farley, had the privilege of joining the One Sky crew on a visit to Hunan Province in China.

While torrential rain greeted the guests, it did little to dampen the happy spirits of visitors and the caregivers and children alike. Chanel and Dan and visitors, which included OneSky leadership, Guy Russo and Deanne Bevan, were warmly welcomed back with many of the children recognising them from previous visits.

Our team were given a tour of the facility as well as being able to observe the children going about their daily activities, which included as arts and crafts and music classes.

“I’m really grateful that we had an opportunity to see the fruits of OneSky’s hard labour,” said Daniel. “OneSky is doing an amazing job and it’s genuinely humbling to see the love, effort and positive energy we saw during our visit. I have no doubt that the children appreciate it.”

EG supports the Changsha Children’s Centre, which launched in 2011. It houses a children’s centre, ‘Loving Families’ program as well as a training facility for other centres. All senior caregiving staff must attend training sessions at a centre such as Changsha prior to working in a OneSky facility.

It wasn’t long before the adults were on the floor in the ‘Infant Nurture’ Playroom forming new friendships and rekindling those already made. The EG team spent hours playing with the children and chatting to the staff of the facility. 

As part of the trip, the team attended the Annual OneSky Gala event in Hong Kong. An evening of glamour and glitz helped to raise $1 million for the worthy cause.

“The trip helped us witness the difference we are making – first hand,” said Chanel. “It makes the giving so much more meaningful, when we see that every dollar goes towards making a difference in the life of these beautiful young children.”