EG was privileged to participate as part of the panel assessing the final presentations given by The Helmsman Project program participants this month.

The 38 teenagers formed six groups, with each group responsible for designing a project to make a positive difference in their community.

The Helmsman Project supports young people in gaining important life skills, such as hope, resilience and self-regulation, enabling them to unlock their potential and avails them of the opportunity to become an active contributor within their community.

The community program is also aimed at developing job-readiness skills such as presentation skills, time management, teamwork and leadership.

Tess Hattingh attended the Strathfield South High School presentation, where the students pitched their project of brightening Easter Weekend for the children at Westmead Children’s hospital.

“The confidence with which the young women presented was exemplary. It spoke to a level of maturity that showcased a part of the coaching within The Helmsman Project.” said Tess.  “It was heart-warming to see the level of care and detail that had been taken when putting together this Easter project. The team should be very proud!”