Last Friday, the EG Developments team hosted two tours of the Flour Mill of Summer Hill, engaging with industry colleagues from across NSW. The tour was an opportunity for EG to add our experienced voice to the dicussion on building urban density well and the importance of collaborating with local communities at every stage of the development process.

Approximately 30 guests from the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW and Urban Taskforce Australia had the opportunity to explore the Flour Mill, a beautifully master planned community at twilight. “From the heritage preservation in the adapted wheat silo residential apartments to placemaking in the groundplane of Mungo Scott Plaza, we are proud that the Flour Mill can be an industry example of density done well,” said Developments Director, Grant Flannigan. 

Thanks to our collaborators Polymer Studios and Reactive Consulting for their work in activating the Flour Mill ground-plane. We look forward to hosting future industry tours and engaging in further discussion with our peers on how to build excellence into a development and community alike.