EG launches Good Work after studies reveal that 96% of employees are seeking face-to-face events for connection

  • EG and the Little BIG Foundation launch ‘Good Work’ to help combat loneliness within a select number of commercial buildings across Australia.
  • Studies found new, younger and female employees are experiencing the greatest levels of loneliness within the workplace.
  • Almost 45% of Sydney business district workers are lonely, the highest level amongst tenants surveyed.

EG partnered with the Little BIG Foundation to survey almost 300 tenants across a select group of commercial buildings, which found that there was an overwhelming desire for social connection through face-to-face activities by tenants.

The research revealed that 41% of employees within the first year at an organisation felt lonely, 10% to 20% more than those who had been with the employer for over 2 years. The second largest cohort of lonely employees were aged between 26 and 34 years old, at 33%, and the majority identified as female. Furthermore, employees working within the Sydney Central business district were also experiencing a higher level of loneliness compared to other states.

To combat loneliness, 96% of tenants expressed the desire to take part in events and activities that took place within the building. The results reinforced the requirement for an established program to engage tenants, which has led to the launch of Good Work.

Sarah Mathews, CEO of The Little BIG Foundation, said, “Loneliness is overlooked by many employers, a topic that is rarely explored within the workplace but a problem that exists amongst employees. We endeavour to work with EG to cultivate an inclusive environment that promotes connections and social ties.”

Roger Parker, Joint Managing Director at EG Funds, said, “We recognise that as real estate managers, we are in a unique position to support tenants in driving social connections within the built environment. We anticipate that the Good Work program will allow stronger relationships to form with tenants that encourage a sense of belonging by engaging and driving connections through face-to-face interactions.

“Thank you to our investors who expressed their interest in the new initiative that seeks to take proactive and comprehensive steps to engage the community and support their well-being.”

Download the Good Work Report