One of the most common questions that I am asked by industry peers is, “why is the culture so different at EG?” Though I have worked here for over five years, I often find my explanations falling short when I try to describe the big picture. Perhaps because we have so much that plays out on a day-to-day basis contributing to that big picture: stress ball wars, cross-discipline teams, quick-fired wit, B.I.G. thinking, encouragement to challenge one another, table tennis battles and so much laughter.

But at the heart of it all, our core value is the one that hits home;

“relationships really matter and long-term relationships matter the most.”

The power of this statement cannot be underestimated. It motivates on every level and in every situation. It applies equally to investors, purchasers, consultants, authorities, builders as much as it does to colleagues, family and friends. What makes EG’s culture different is that we live this value.

I am reminded of all the many and varied long term relationships that were born in this very workplace. Within my team alone, I have two good friends who have been at EG more than 15 years. Despite their familiarity, each day they bring enthusiasm and excitement as if it were their first day of work; ready to learn, embracing newer team members, challenge one another and work together to achieve a lasting legacy. 

Both my family and I have benefited from the incredible generosity of random acts of kindness, the hobby program, and generous annual leave. But these, under the motivated management, can be replicated, the piece of the puzzle that is more challenging are fostering deeply caring relationships. 

At EG we respectfully challenge each other and stand by the decisions we make. We can be held to account and focus on results. We are encouraged to speak up if we need help or reach out when we see help is needed. We also genuinely care about each other’s hopes and dreams, our families, our mental and physical health. Our success is built on a trust that can only come from a focus on fostering a long-term relationship.

And I, for one, am hoping for a very long-term relationship with EG.