‘Giving back’ is at the heart of what we do at EG. Even beyond the returns that we generate for our investors, as a company we have a shared responsibility to think about how we can improve the lives of others. One of the ways we do this is by supporting charities – both financially and with boots on the ground.

I recently had the privilege of spending the day volunteering for Anglicare’s Mobile Community Pantry (MCP), alongside my colleague and friend, Rodney Walt, and his two kids, Jaida and Ryan.

Rodney’s two children, Ryan and Jaida.

The MCP is a van packed with groceries and fresh food items which are sold at a discounted price to people in need. On a fortnightly basis, the MCP visits 54 neighbourhoods across Greater Sydney and beyond. The reason behind having a small monetary exchange is to maintain a level of respect and dignity for those making the purchase, removing the feeling of requiring assistance.

These principles of care and thoughtfulness are intricately applied across every step of the process, proven by the authentic relationships built between the volunteers, workers and purchasers.

It’s clear that the impact of putting people first has a real ripple effect.  Not only does it help families get back on their feet in a tangible way – it also lifts people’s spirits and improves their mental wellbeing.

Seeing this impact in the form of smiles on faces is the best motivation to keep giving back.

EG and Anglicare teaming up to volunteer for the Mobile Community Pantry.