EG announced the launch of EG Japan, a real estate investment advisory office, to investigate future capabilities for new and existing investors across the Asia Pacific region.

The establishment of EG Japan is a significant milestone demonstrating the drive and ambition to expand the company’s global footprint. The additional location will enable the team to grow its presence and possibly foster future capital flows for real estate investment opportunities that will allow the expansion of portfolios across the region.

Australia and Japan remain prevalent regions that attract global investors, reinforced by low-risk exposure and forecasts of strong GDP. The current macroeconomic drivers signal opportunities for ample strategic business development across the real estate sector. Property technology innovations remain a key focus, with four portfolios supported by EG’s innovation incubator, EGX.

Roger Parker, Joint Managing Director of EG Funds, said: “EG Japan strengthens our position as a leading investment management firm. It is a substantial step that will accelerate EG towards the next growth phase, with the potential to implement additional deployment strategies to generate outstanding returns for our global investors.”

Furthermore, EG Japan intends to focus on environmentally future-proofing buildings with the growing importance of addressing global targets. EG’s proven track record executing strategies to accelerate decarbonisation for assets under management could be proposed to lead environmental change for investors and transition the Asia Pacific region towards a sustainable future.

Chris Pak, Joint Managing Director of EG Funds, said: “The EG team possess extensive experience acquiring and managing assets within the Japanese market. The expansion allows us to execute our diverse skillsets for investors.

“We also aim to showcase EG’s leading environmental optimisation programs to rapidly reduce carbon emissions across the built environment. EG’s strategies work powerfully within the Australian market, and we seek to transfer and evolve the methodologies to optimise the buildings within Japan.”