EG today revealed plans to work in partnership with The Little B.I.G Foundation to foster rich connections amongst workers throughout the building of assets within the Delta Fund.

The Little B.I.G Foundation, co-founded by EG, seeks to form communities through bespoke programs for tenants within Delta Fund real estate as part of EG’s ‘Build-In-Good’ philosophy. Data will be collected from surveys, focus groups, engagement events, and observations. Findings will allow the Foundation to ensure meaningful programs come to life for the whole building, which will encourage connections and meaningful conversations.

EG’s Delta Fund was established to optimise existing buildings, with a unique framework that is aligned with the United National Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to measure the Fund’s performance. The goal is to ensure that the partnership with The Little B.I.G Foundation would further improve EG’s ability to achieve health, wellbeing, empowerment, and inclusiveness outcomes.

Chris Pak, Joint Managing Director at EG, said:

“EG is committed to people-first places, and our expanding partnership with The Little B.I.G Foundation is an important step to facilitate connections between tenants and drive positive social outcomes. 

“We’ve observed the success of the Foundation within our residential developments and are pleased to expand their program within office spaces. EG is confident that the milestone will help us advance our performance across the Delta Fund Framework whilst improving occupancy levels and office tenant retention as employees befriend the neighbours that work next door.”

Sarah Mathews, CEO of Little B.I.G Foundation, said:

“The vision is to foster happier, healthier, and kinder communities through improving social connections across the built environment. We spend most of our day inside buildings, so the property sector has an enormous opportunity to have a tangible impact on loneliness, social inclusion and neighbourliness. All factors contribute significantly to our mental and physical wellbeing.

“We expect to achieve these positive social outcomes by focusing on the hyper-local communities and working with a team of volunteers and community members to create surprising and meaningful moments of interaction. 

“We are already seeing success in residential programs, with 40% of people who attended a small group program in the Summer Hill Little BIG House reporting that they made a new friend or connection as a result of the program. We are excited to take our approach to office communities across the Delta Fund”.

Founded in 2000, EG manages $5.1 billion in real estate on behalf of institutional investors and wholesale clients to generate outstanding returns with lasting social impact. With $3.9 billion in the development pipeline and 16.7% per annum in realised IRR for institutional funds, EG is committed to finding a better path to better returns.