EG Grow Program Named Finalists In International Business Culture Awards

EG is celebrating being named as finalists across two categories in the International Business Culture Awards.

Our unique EG Grow program is being recognised for enacting outstanding Employer and Brand Values and as Best International Initiative in its’ cultural adaptation across our global offices.

When founded in 2000, EG was faced with the challenge of maintaining our core value for long-term relationships with rapidly expanding multinational offices in Asia and North America. Our goal was to attract the right kind of people to champion our corporate culture; those who also valued the same ideals whilst maintaining their national cultures and creating a space for the individuals and business to flourish. 

Thus, the EG Grow program was born to achieve personal relationship and skills mastery through individual development opportunities and shared experiences. With three core areas; CareConnect and Create, EG Grow allows us to articulate the power of relationships into a series of innovative initiatives that put people first, no matter where they are living. Since its implentation, EG Grow has been instrumental in motivating and aligning our teams. 

Congratulations to all those that help shape our family and make EG thrive. Winners will be announced in mid-November.