Over 18 months ago, I wrote an article emphasising that now, more than ever, we must live up to the values that we set ourselves, both in good times and bad.  The piece finished with a brave prediction – “for the past 20 years, the EG culture has been evolving.  It has never had a test like the current one.  Although we never thought that it would face such a test, all our thinking and theorising about how a strong culture can make us more able to meet any challenge and thrive, has proven to be so true.”

Fast forward to the challenges of today and it has been refreshing to reflect on all that has happened in EG’s world.  A couple of highlights have been raising AUD $1.1 billion of additional equity and acquiring 18 assets with a total value of AUD $1.6 billion.

As extraordinary as these figures are, I believe the most impressive number is 16.  This is the number of extraordinarily talented people that have joined EG in the last year or so.

While the rapid expansion may be seen by others as a test to our culture, the fact that EG was recently named in the top 10 Best Places to Work by WRK+ proves otherwise.  New talent brings new energy, and new energy brings about a new collective sense of leadership.  This has led us to be focused while others are distracted.  To navigate risk with certainty while others are unsure.

When asked about EG by my friends, I seem to be constantly saying that this year has been more successful than the last.  Some years because of the PropTech and risk management software that the team has developed, or because of the social good that we’re doing.  Other years it has been a breakthrough with our culture.  What remains consistent every year are the great returns delivered to our investors.  

This year seems to have been the rare quadfecta of technology enhanced investment, having a positive impact, a high growth mindset and outperforming our financial hurdles.  All this in a challenging environment has not been by accident.

I am hopeful of revisiting this blog in another 18 months and being amazed at how far EG has travelled again in that time.