Property Technology

Reducing uncertainty with technology

We invest heavily in property technology to ensure we are unlocking every opportunity for our investors while minimising down-side risk. As entrepreneurial thinkers, we go out of our way to make data-based decisions because we understand that working smarter is the best way to create value and gain clarity.

Technology philosophy

Australia is ahead of the global game, with a high concentration of innovative enterprises already flourishing. At EG, we understand the need to anticipate and prepare for disruption, which is why we are perpetually innovating and investing in technology.

Since our establishment, EG has consistently outperformed the index and kept investors ahead in both rising and falling markets. Constant technological innovation at EG is a vital part of better informing our investors on successfully navigating risk and opportunity.

Technology is not just the way of the future, it’s the way of the present
Adam Geha CEO
Founding Director

Technology initiatives

EG is committed to uncovering and supporting property technology initiatives that improve our investment approach and allow us to enhance returns for investors.


    PRISMS® is a proprietary risk management software developed by EG to measure, price and manage the various risks attached commercial property investments. EG requires all assets be assessed by PRISMS® to ensure relevant risks are identified and priced and appropriately managed post-acquisition.


    Co-founded by EG, Willow is a global technology company with a mission to connect the built world in a whole new way. The software platform, Willow Twin? and professional services, Willow Digital? accelerate digital adoption in the property sector.

  • Nebula Ventures

    Nebula Ventures is a value-add venture capital fund partnering with companies who challenge the norm and solve real-world problems, particularly within PropTech, FinTech and HealthCare. EG backs PropTech and hopes to provide seed funding to grow aligned PropTech initiatives.