This is big.

I mean really B. I. G.

The famed American urbanist and developer James Rouse believed that we demanded too little of ourselves and our cities. He believed that the city could be better – that we could be better. At EG, we believe in the same thing. And like Rouse we are also delivering on this belief. 

EG’s B.I.G. Developments create a new category in residential living focused on social impact. This impactful investment creates people-first locations with a community spirit, multiple housing options for long-term living and a technology-led environment that enables convenience and connection. As Rouse would say “think first of the very best ideas for the community and, only then, think about the feasibility”.

We believe in living more, not just having more. So we build in good to promote joy and connection. Fun and friendship are essential in an increasingly isolated world, so our events and projects that foster community connection also foster a higher quality of life as standard. Our project vision speaks of physical wellbeing (the built environment), social connection (ground plane activations) and mental health (fostering shared social experiences). We talk about the grand gestures that break history as much as the moments of delight. We strive for 100,000 conversations to take place that otherwise would not occur without this vision.

As Rouse said “People will rise to the big and dramatically good — they will yawn at the timid, the unconvincing.”

Ultimately, it’s all part of a better path to better returns.