We are in an age of “smart washing”.

Intelligent systems all proclaiming to deliver clever buildings and in turn, assets that work smarter and improve returns. It is clearly confusing to see so many self-proclaiming that their building management software and associated property management systems are the smartest and best.

Now there is a rigorous methodology that can be applied across the world; the global intelligent building index (IB index).

As the built world moves towards digitisation there is a growing need for a framework used to assess and rank the relative intelligence of smart buildings internationally. To figure out what is needed and for what purpose. To distinguish the fanciful from the functional.

The global IB Index will be launched at #Realcomm in Nashville this week. It offers a way of sifting through the dross and coming up with universal criteria on sustainability, efficiency and operations that measures and compares performance. Instead of subjective assertions, there is science.

I am proud to have the opportunity to represent EG’s data-driven investment strategy and chair a committee of industry leaders from Willow, Investa, UTS and Microsoft. Together we offer a technical framework and benchmarking capability and make decisions on technological capabilities aligned to building intelligence objectives and project budgets.