EG Partners With Techstars To Fuel Startup Connections And Deal Flow

Techstars, the global platform for innovation and investment, and EG, a leading Australian real estate fund manager, today announced a partnership to drive more investment and startup connections in the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on the PropTech and FinTech sectors. Through this partnership, EG joins the global Techstars network as part of the Techstars Pathfinder membership programme.

“Business leaders are constantly challenged with finding opportunities to capitalise on future growth opportunities offered by startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems,” said Will Robinson, Vice President for Asia-Pacific, Techstars. “As the world’s most active early-stage startup investor, Techstars will be able to support EG with their investment and innovation agenda tapping into more than 2,100 portfolio companies from all over the world, (with 500+ added each year), to provide up-to-date and detailed views across a wide range of interest areas, tailored introductions to interesting startups, and data-rich reports and analysis,” said Robinson.

“This partnership is part of EG’s broader data-driven investment approach, ensuring every fund and every deal is backed by the leading technological insights to minimise downside risk,” said Rodney Walt, Divisional Director, EG Ventures. “EG has a strong track record in the technology space, having seen success with its in-house property risk management software PRISMS®, developed by EG to identify, measure, price and manage the various risks associated with the acquisition of commercial property investments and the co-founding of Willow global technology company deploying Digital Twins for the built world.”

“This partnership with Techstars builds on our success with PRISMS® and investment in Willow to further demonstrate EG’s ongoing commitment to leading the industry with data-driven investment opportunities,” Walt continued. “We look forward to working with Techstars to accelerate opportunities for our investors.”

Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the Techstars partnership and working with Techstars and EG, please visit