EG’s Head of ESG, Ian Lieblich, led a thought-provoking team discussion on climate change at a recent ‘EG Grow Breakfast’ session.

Revisiting his UN experience prior to joining EG, Ian gave a whirlwind history of the international response to climate change, covering the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement and the Australian Government’s response to this truly global challenge.

“It’s crucial to consider the rapidly changing global context when assessing how EG should respond to climate change. To establish this business as a leader, we need to be pushing boundaries and partnering with global players as the world transitions to a zero carbon economy. We’re hopeful that our forthcoming real zero carbon target will do just that”, said Ian.

EG Grow is our unique personal and professional development program focused on helping our people achieve personal, relationship and skills mastery through individual development opportunities and shared experiences.

As part of this program, the team gathers on a Friday morning once every six weeks to cook and eat breakfast together, with a presentation given on a topic of interest or expertise.  EG Grow breakfast sessions are an opportunity for the team to gather and engage in open, honest conversation while learning something new.

“It’s great to see all staff, regardless of experience level or seniority, take the opportunity share their knowledge and expertise with the wider team”, said EG’s Joint Managing Director, Roger Parker.

“It’s not only an excellent way to encourage team members to pursue exploring interests both inside and outside of work, but also helps boost confidence by providing a safe and welcoming environment to practise public speaking”, Roger added.

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